ZGL Engineering Services, Inc.
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We have over 101 years of collaborative experience and expertise, and you'll find our qualifications will exceed most CAD Services.

We maintain a work environment that encourages exemplary service and retaining exceptional, motivated employees to continually ensure success of our company. Your conceptual design and engineering plus our CAD design expertise equals assured governing agency approval and shared success. Staff listening and being responsive to our clients have set us apart in our field.

Well trained and proficient staff handle the tasks set before us, providing
services you can count on. We are reputable and thorough in all our services to meet and exceed our clients expectations, in addition to providing cost effective and quality services with open and frequent communication.

Finally, our high standards to our clients allow us to also ensure that our sub-contractors and suppliers are delivered the same quality services.


Zoe Grant
Owner and President
Email: zlewis@zglengineering.com

Accounting and Office Administrator

Davetta Cross, HR and Accounting Specialist
Email: accounting@zglengineering.com

Zoe Grant, Regional Marketing, Estimator and Bidder
Email: zlewis@zglengineering.com