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Specialized Construction Field Services Support

Zero Injuries

Our services cover pre-construction, construction phase and post construction
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Understanding the relationship between the overall success of a project and its implementation, we realize that a well thought out plan deserves competent performance through all project phases:

From Project Award

Reliable construction field support delivering the highest quality work providing minimum construction impacts. Our project involvement is from contract award to completion of the job, taking on the responsibility of assisting where requested in the project scope, while adhering to project goals, budgets, and the governing agency specifications, to maximize performance of field crews and staff.

Project Duration

Assist in progress reviews
Attend meetings
Report to Construction Manager

Project Completion

Reports to Construction Manager for final punch list


Erosion Control Speciality and Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor

We are your solution to you construction site pollution! ZGL specializes in SWMP documents and is your complete one stop shop for Erosion Control from the start of creating your stormwater plans to permitting, installations, maintenance, repairs and inspections.

    We are effective Transportation Erosion Control Supervisors (TECS) performing inspections while running through the Gauntlet checklist and updating the SWMP. As the eyes of the project on stormwater management during construction, our job is very important for achieving compliance with the applicable stormwater agencies for the project. Communication is also one of the key tools for our TECS to use with their construction team, PE, and superintendent. Communication allows the TECS to understand upcoming construction activities so they can be proactive and it allows the TECS to communicate to the construction team what is working and what is not working in the field, thus achieving stormwater compliance.

    Construction Services Team

    Zoe Grant, Certified CDOT Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor
    Email: zlewis@zglengineering.com

    Chris Winter, Certified CDOT Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor
    Email: cwinter@zglengineering.com

    Francisco Andrade, Construction Manager, Certified CDOT Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor
    Field and Safety Manager - OSHA 30hr Certified
    Email: fandrade@zglengineering.com

    John Thurman, Certified CDOT Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor
    Email: jthurman@zglengineering.com

    Jason Langdale, Certified CDOT Transportation Erosion Control Supervisor
    Email: jlangdale@zglengineering.com

Erosion & Sediment Control Installation, Maintenance & Repair

  • Silt Fence Installation
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Inlet Protection
  • Straw Bales
  • Straw Wattles
  • All other BMP's necessary
  • Maintain and repair erosion and sediment control devices

Wastewater Systems and Field Quality Control

  • Stormwater and Sediment Certified Inspections
  • Monitoring and reporting of erosion control devices, including photos


  • Temporary fence installation - Steel, Snow and Green


  • Concrete Washout -Concrete/Hauling

Site Furniture Installation

Per Filing, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, Rest Stops, and Schools
  • Benches
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Bike Racks
  • Dog Bag Dispensers
  • Picnic Tables

Traffic Control Assistance

  • Flagging

Site Maintenance

  • Trash pick up and cleaning